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We fuel our bodies from the foods we choose to eat. They provide the nutrients essential for a healthy and life. Digestion is the intricate process of braking down food into its individual building blocks so that the body can assimilate and use them to sustain life, this process begins in the mouth ,moves to a stomach, then to small intestines, and finally to a large bowl.
We can divide the nutrients our bodies need into these important categories.


In a “premium fuel” diet, the largest portion of carbohydrate should come from rich unrefined sources, such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.


Every cell in the body contains proteins; Tissue repair and growth require them. While almost all foods have some protein, animal product such as milk and eggs are also good sources but not only the ones. Legumes (beans) contain excellent protein.


These are concentrated sources of energy .We often get too much fat in our diet because we likes the favor it imparts to foods. Many people would rather eat French fries than boiled potatoes. Nut sin moderate amounts provide excellent quality fats, however. The body needs such fats to absorb fat- soluble vitamins.


These are essential organic components of the diet, and are required in small amounts for normal growth and activity. Most occur naturally in various foods. Some are fat-soluble and other water- soluble, and when we do not have sufficient supply, a deficiency results.


These inorganic elements are vital to human health and are easily obtained from both animal and plant foods. Too little of them can lead to a deficiency.

Antioxidants and Physiochemical

Scientists now recognize hundreds of these substances, which protect the body from disease and some of the effects of aging. We find them primarily in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

You need all these categories of food in order to enjoy good health. The secret is in their combination.